Canned Dilly Beans

By Yankee Magazine

Feb 09 2005

This recipe for canned dilly beans gives the average green bean an extra zippy flavor! Once canned, these beans can be stored in the pantry for up to two weeks.


Makes 8 pints.


4 pounds fresh green beans
8 teaspoons dill seed
4 teaspoons mustard seed
16 cloves garlic
5 cups white vinegar
5 cups water
1/2 cup salt


Wash, trim, and cut beans to fit into pint jars. Rinse 8 jars in hot water. Fill each with 1/2 pound of beans, 1 teaspoon each of dill and mustard seeds, and 2 halved cloves of garlic. Boil together the vinegar, water, and salt and pour over the beans, filling to within 1/2 inch of the jar tops. Process in a boiling water bath, tighten lids, and let cool. Store for 2 weeks.