Favorite Popover Recipes

From savory to sweet, we love this flavorful collection of popover recipes and Dutch baby recipes from the Yankee archives.

By Yankee Magazine

May 25 2017


High heat from the oven and steam make popovers pop.

Photo Credit : Aimee Tucker

Ranging from savory to sweet, these flavorful popover recipes and Dutch baby recipes are among our best-loved finds from the Yankee archives.


Favorite Popover Recipes
Easy Breakfast Popovers | Favorite Popover Recipes
Photo Credit : Aimee Tucker

Easy Breakfast Popovers

In addition to being delicious for breakfast, these simple popovers can make any soup, chowder, or stew extra special. Enjoy fresh from the oven for the best texture and flavor.

Maple-Cheddar Popovers

The flavors of maple and cheddar blend brilliantly in this recipe for maple-cheddar popovers.

Herbed Popovers
Herbed Popovers | Favorite Popover Recipes
Photo Credit : Kristin Teig

Herbed Popovers

Made with fresh rosemary and thyme, these popovers make a scrumptious addition to the dinner table. We’re especially fond of them alongside Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing.

Quahog Popovers

This reader-submitted “favorite” recipe for quahog popovers first appeared in Yankee back in 1968. If you really love clams, adding them to a batch of rich and buttery popovers just might yield your new favorite side dish.

Italian Vegetable Popover Pizza

What do you get when you top a medley of veggies, sauce, and cheese with popover batter? A “crust on top” popover pizza!


The Dutch baby (also known as the German pancake) is the popover’s bigger, heartier cousin. Baked in a large skillet, it’s often topped with fruit or chunks of meat, but the batter yields the same golden-brown puff we all know and love in the popover.

Classic Dutch Baby (German Pancake)

Made with a popover-style egg batter, the Dutch baby puffs in the pan while it’s baking and deflates into dense, eggy deliciousness as it cools. Topped with powdered sugar and maple syrup, it’s rich and sweet, and its large size is perfect for feeding a breakfast crowd.

Blueberry Dutch-Baby Recipe
Blueberry Dutch-Baby | Favorite Popover Recipes
Photo Credit : Kindra Clineff

Blueberry Dutch Baby

This oven-baked pancake-meets-popover has the drama of a soufflé without any of the stress. Bring it straight from the oven to the table for all to admire — it will deflate quickly but remain slightly puffed and delicious.

Dutch Baby with Ham & Cheese

This light and fluffy oven-baked pancake is topped with generous chunks of ham and drizzled with melted Monterey jack, Parmesan, and bright-green chives.

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