Once More to the Orchard | New Apple Recipes from The Apple Lover’s Cookbook

Yankee senior food editor Amy Traverso shares some delicious updates to The Apple Lover’s Cookbook, including recipes for apple-infused soufflé pancakes, slab pie, cobbler, and a savory sheet-pan supper.

By Amy Traverso

Aug 19 2020

Photo Credit : Adam Detour | Food Styling by Kendra Elizabeth Smith
Established in 1741, Lyman Orchards in Middlefield, Connecticut, is a perennial favorite for pick-your-own enthusiasts.
Photo Credit : Adam Detour

I spent four years writing a long love letter to apples (with recipes), which was published in 2011 as The Apple Lover’s Cookbook. Since then, my fascination with the all-American fruit has only grown. There have been more heirlooms to discover, like the sweet Davey, a Massachusetts native, and the crimson-fleshed Redfield. Hot off the wild success of Honeycrisp, the apple industry is also continuously breeding new varieties, like this year’s Cosmic Crisp, a non-browning, long-storing flavor bomb in a bright red package.

And so it was time for me to return to the table and produce a new edition of The Apple Lover’s Cookbook with more apple varieties, more recipes, and updated information on the best ciders, apple festivals, and mail-order apple treats.

Featuring more than 100 delicious, easy-to-make recipes and loads of apple lore, THE APPLE LOVER’S COOKBOOK won the IACP Cookbook Award for best American cookbook when it was published in 2011. The updated edition is available this fall wherever books are sold.

The new edition comes out this September from W.W. Norton & Co.

You’ll find four of the new recipes on the following pages, from ultra-fluffy apple-cardamom pancakes to a 35-minute sheet-pan supper with apples, sausage, and a new and widely available variety of squash called Honeynut. There’s also an abbreviated guide to 20 apple varieties to help you know what to use for pies versus sauce versus salad. As always, fresh, local apples are best for any recipe, and here’s the good news: Since my book first came out, New England farmers have embraced ever more diversity, tearing out rows of Red Delicious in favor of Roxbury Russet, Liberty, and Northern Spy (the ultimate pie apple). So get out to the orchard and use this guide to help you start cooking. Happy apple season!

Recipes Clockwise: Apple-Cranberry Slab Pie with Cranberry Drizzle; Apple-Plum Cobbler; Sausage, Apple, and Squash Sheet-Pan Supper with Fragrant Herb Oil; Cardamom-Apple Soufflé Pancakes
Photo Credit : Adam Detour | Food Styling by Kendra Elizabeth Smith

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Cardamom-Apple Soufflé Pancakes
Apple-Cranberry Slab Pie with Cranberry Drizzle
Apple-Plum Cobbler
Sausage, Apple, and Squash Sheet-Pan Supper with Fragrant Herb Oil

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