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Bath Sweet Shoppe | House for Sale

Have you ever thought about doing something completely different? The Bath Sweet Shoppe in Bath, Maine, is looking for a new owner. In all the many years we’ve been moseying around New England in search of interesting, sometimes unusual, properties available, our most memorable are those whose new owners completely changed their lives. We recall, […]

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Cobb Hill in Hartland, VT | House for Sale

We pulled into a parking spot near a huge red barn and silo. Perched along a couple of rows on the hill beyond were a series of attractive houses, one after another clustered together. It was like entering a beautiful Alpine village. We were arriving at what’s known today as Cobb Hill in Hartland, Vermont, […]

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White Mountains Home | House for Sale

This White Mountains home is on a high, open pasture just north of New Hampshire’s Franconia Notch. The view from up there is simply breathtaking! When we wake up in the early morning,” said owner Catherine Dowd to us during our recent visit with her and husband Jim Knee at their mountain home, “we’re always […]

Yankee Magazine

Former J.D. Salinger Home | House for Sale

Here we showcase the house where Jerry used to live. Jerry? Well, that’s what the reclusive author J. D. Salinger (1919-2010) wanted his most-trusted friends to call him–people like the current owner of the house in Cornish, New Hampshire, in which he once lived. During the later years of his life, Jerry lived just up […]


House For Sale: West Freeport, Maine

Before reaching the driveway, we caught a glimpse of our destination through a break in the trees. It was there in a sunny clearing, just beyond a brook. It was a bigger, more impressive-looking house than we’d expected. And, except for trim, it was all clear-stained wood. Although we already knew it had been built […]

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