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10 Things to Know About Maine Black Bears

Did you know that Maine black bears can live to about 30 years old in the wild? A fun and fascinating collection of Maine Black Bear facts.

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Nantucket’s Shifting Shoreline

Around 20,000 years ago, the massive Laurentide ice sheet halted its southerly advance just past Cape Cod and, shedding its load of till, and began to form a terminal moraine still discernible in the series of hills that stretch from Tuckernuck to Siasconset. Back then, sea level was nearly 400 feet lower than today, placing […]

A Maple Leaf (user submitted)
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Ask the Naturalist: Foliage

This question isn’t as silly as it might sound at first. Unlike the orange and yellow pigments that are present in a leaf all summer (but are revealed only when green chlorophyll starts to break down and fade), the red pigments, anthocyanins, aren’t produced until autumn. It takes a significant amount of energy to produce […]

Paula Marcoux
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Paula Marcoux, Maritime Artisan, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Paula Marcoux brings the 17th century alive for visitors to Plimoth Plantation as one of the dedicated staff who painstakingly maintain the Mayflower II, a full-size replica constructed in England in 1957 to reenact the original 1620 voyage across the Atlantic. Last year, to commemorate the ship’s 50th anniversary, Paula worked with the brewers of […]

Map of Jamestown RI
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Jamestown, Rhode Island | Village Profile

We’ve all experienced the euphoria that washes over you at the beginning of a vacation to somewhere new — a little town or village tucked away in a sweet corner of the region. You pick up the real estate digests stacked at store entrances; you linger in front of the fliers posted in agency windows. […]

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New England Numbers: Spring

98.5 percentage of 20,646 starting runners who crossed the finish line at the 2007 Boston Marathon 414 pairs of nesting bald eagles counted in Maine in 2006, up from 21 pairs in 1967 $1,103 World Series share per player for the 1918 champion Boston Red SoxPlan Your Perfect Summer Adventure: Get The Free Ultimate New […]

Piping Plover
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The Bridge to Monomoy | Predator Access

Erosion may be a significant concern for beachfront homeowners, but other species of Cape Cod dwellers are also finding themselves threatened — not by loss of sand, but by its deposition. The birds that mate and nest at Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge, south of Chatham, Massachusetts, have enjoyed safe harbor here since 1958, when a […]

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Bear Hair and Emu Oil | Only in New England

Each winter, the bears at Clark’s Trading Post in Lincoln, New Hampshire, build up thick, woolly coats just like their wild kin. Come spring, however, Clark’s bears enjoy something that their feral relatives don’t: a baby-shampoo bath and a good brushing from trainer Maureen Clark, whose family has held bear shows at the Post, May […]

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Firewood Facts

New England boasts three of the top five most forested states in the nation. Maine heads the list with 90 percent of its land area forested. New Hampshire ranks second with 86 percent forest cover, and Vermont comes in fourth, with 78 percent forest cover. A cord of wood is a stack of logs 4 […]