Castle Freeman Jr.

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Winter Sun | First Light

It is leaner than the light of other seasons— more disciplined, more rigorous, and somehow closer to the truth.

Yankee Magazine

Winter Storm Stories

A big winter storm is a complex event that, though more or less vast in scale, is well understood by science. Air masses, having varying temperatures, pressures, and moistures, and moving at differing altitudes in different directions at different speeds, collide and commingle, producing clouds, wind, and snow. Considered from the point of view of […]

Yankee Magazine

Low Tide in the Hills

Down on the coast, they understand the tides. They live by the tides–and not only as a practical matter for seagoing folk, but more subtly, as well. Twice a day, the harbors, bays, and coves fill and empty, fill and empty. The […]