Ben Hewitt

Yankee Magazine

Loaded Questions | A Native Vermonter Sets Out to Better Understand His Firearms-Friendly State

With gun violence elsewhere roiling the nation, Ben Hewitt sets out to better understand his firearms-friendly state.

Yankee Magazine

The Perfect Day | Life in the Kingdom

The most perfect day of the year will most likely arrive in late September, though it’s also been known to come sometime in October. Last year it was October 21, if memory serves, but it had been an unusually warm summer; the creeks had been running low all fall, and it wasn’t until the middle […]

Yankee Magazine

Easy Rider | Life in the Kingdom

In the warmer months, I like to ride my bicycle early in the mornings. I ride after coffee and chores but before breakfast, early enough that the day is not yet fully formed, late enough that I have a pretty good sense of what sort of day it’s shaping up to be. Sometimes the clouds […]

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