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Whole Wheat Herb Bread
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Red Winter Wheat Grown in Northfield, MA | Sea of Grass

Envision rolling waves of grain, and you may not think first of New England. But grain does indeed wave in Northfield, Massachusetts, where the L’Etoile family of Four Star Farms ( grows two varieties of hard red winter wheat, the staple ingredient of America’s bread. It’s a crop that plots the earth’s rebirth: Planted in […]

cooked lamb
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Spring Lamb Recipes | Homegrown

Many foods signify the coming of spring, but local spring lamb holds a savory place all its own. We profess to eat by the seasons, but in this era of year-round availability, it’s really palate memory and stubborn localness that determine apples for autumn and strawberries for June. Following that guideline, lamb is for spring, […]