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Priscilla Hobbs | Popcorn Maker in Salem, Massachusetts

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E.W. Hobbs has been a constant at Salem Willows Park since 1897. When Priscilla Hobbs was a child, she watched her father and grandfather pop their famous buttered Hobbs popcorn on the same century-old equipment that she and her brother Charlie use today. “I tell my grandkids to start learning those machines,” Priscilla says. “We need to get the sixth generation trained!”

Salem Willows Hobbs Popcorn

Priscilla Hobbs and the famous Hobbs popcorn at the Salem Willows.

Carl Tremblay

E.W. Hobbs, Salem Willows Park, 205/207 Fort Ave. 978-745-7691.

  • Hobbs Popcorn makes a great gift for a birthday or any day!!!
    We have been grateful recipients of the most outstanding popcorn in the world sent by our
    dear friends local to Salem. We love it!!!

  • Tracey

    A treasure for sure. Been an iconic landmark for many generations in Salem and beyond!!!


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