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Holiday Crafts | Make Button Garland

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If you can thread a needle, you can make button garland. The hardest part is amassing enough buttons to create a long string of this easy holiday craft.

Materials to Make Button Garland:

  • tape measure
  • thread or embroidery floss
  •  scissors
  • sewing or embroidery needle
  • pearl buttons (about 25 per linear foot)

Directions to Make Button Garland:

Measure the area where you’d like to string your garland; then double the figure to allow for draping. Cut a piece of thread or floss to that length, adding 2 inches on each end for hanging.

Tie a large knot at one end, and thread a needle at the other end. Begin threading each button: Put your needle through the left hole, then come back out the right (to keep the buttons flat), until the garland reaches the length you want. Tie off the end with a large knot, and use small tacks or nails to hang your button garland.

  • Hello: I received a November/December 2015 “Finding Christmas” magazine. I discovered on page 31 showing the colorful festive holiday pom-pom decorations. When I went into Garland for Instruction, I do not see the one I really want but only shows as “buttons garland”. Would you be able to find the pom-pom decorations for me, please? Thanks so much, Mary Lou Matherwiez


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