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Holiday Crafts | Felt & Yarn Wreath

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Pompom for Felt & Yarn Wreath

Daisy for Felt and Yarn Wreath

Mum for Felt and Yarn Wreath

Mantel Wreath

All photos/art by Ira Garber

We love the way this monochromatic felt & yarn wreath gets so much of its visual interest from the different shapes and textures at play. Christine says you can expect to spend about 10 to 12 hours from start to finish, and it’s a perfect project to work on by the fire or in front of the TV. To cover a 16-inch wreath, you’ll need approximately 60 pompoms and 20 flowers. For a 12-inch wreath, you’ll need about 45 pompoms and 15 flowers.

Materials to Make a Felt & Yarn Wreath

  • large (12- to 16-inch) Styrofoam or straw wreath form
  • quilt batting
  • extra-long straight pins
  • 2 skeins white or off-white yarn
  • scissors
  • 2 yards white or off-white wool felt
  • sewing needle
  • white or off-white thread
  • 15 to 20 white or off-white small felt balls, 1.5-2 cm wide

Instructions to Make a Felt & Yarn Wreath

First, create a neutral surface: Wrap the wreath form with a layer of quilt batting; secure it with pins.

Make the pompoms (see top photo): Wrap the yarn around four fingers (excluding your thumb) about 24 times, until you have a thick set of loops. Tie it off in the middle with a short piece of yarn. Using scissors, cut through each loop on both sides, so that all of the ends are loose. Once they’re cut, you may need to trim your pom-pom so that all of the ends are even.

Make the daisies (see middle photo): Cut a piece of felt about 1 inch wide and 12 inches long, trimming the long edges so that one side is straight and the other is slightly wavy. With a needle and thread, sew loosely (use a basting stitch) along the straight edge. When done, tie a knot at one end of the thread; then carefully pull the other end of the thread to gather the flower into a loop, with the ruffled edge on the outside. Stitch to secure the two ends together. With a needle and thread, use several stitches to attach a felt ball so that it fills the hole in the center of the flower.

Make the mums (see bottom photo): Cut a piece of felt about 2 inches wide and 12 inches long. Fold it lengthwise. Snip into the folded edge to create a fringe. Now, with the fringed side on top, begin rolling the felt, jellyroll style, from right to left. Separate and flare the petals. Then stitch the outer end of the roll to secure it in place.

Using straight pins, arrange the pompoms, daisies, and mums on the wreath in any attractive combination, covering the surface completely.


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