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Hiking in the White Mountains | Featured Photographer Cait Bourgault

A collection of images by Cait Bourgault celebrating the fun and beauty of hiking in New Hampshire’s White Mountains in every season.

By Heather Marcus

Feb 03 2022


Squall and Andrew high five after a successful mountain run. Glen Boulder, Jackson, NH.

Photo Credit : Cait Bourgault
Sarah McLean hikes the final steps of Mount Pierce, one of the 48 “4,000-footers” in New Hampshire.
Photo Credit : Cait Bourgault

What’s Your Connection to New England?

I grew up in Brewer, Maine, and spent the last six years in the Portland area. Now I live in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with my two dogs. New England has always been home for me, and always will be. I love the changing seasons, especially winter. I spend my time hiking and skiing as much as possible with camera in hand. Photography has taken me all over the world, but nothing beats capturing New England’s beauty — which is not always stunning sunsets and rolling mountains. It can also be bitter cold, bare trees, or hikers battling a winter storm.

What Equipment Do You Use?

I would describe my equipment as “well-loved.” I definitely put my equipment through a lot! My friends always laugh when they see my camera dangling off my backpack or when it’s covered in snow on a ski tour. I shoot 99 percent of my work on my trusty Nikon D750 and a Sigma 35mm 1.4 lens. I love the way a 35mm captures everyday life. I feel as if it captures life as the eye sees. The D750 is my favorite camera body because it allows me to use natural light in all situations — the low-light capabilities are unbelievable.

What Inspires Us?

Natural light and real moments. I went to the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in 2009 and was taught to always use natural light in all situations — no flash or external lighting. This allows me to capture real moments in the light in which they occur. In order to tell a story and set the scene, I shoot a mixture of lifestyle and landscape when out on an adventure. I love seeing how people interact with each other or with the nature that surrounds them. To see more of Cait Bourgault’s work, go to or follow her on Instagram.

Hiking in the White Mountains Featured Photographer Cait Bourgault

A hiker navigates the rocky Caps Ridge Trail on Mount Jefferson.
Photo Credit : Cate Bourgault
One of Bourgault’s dogs, Sam, takes in the views on Imp Trail, looking out over the Presidentials.
Photo Credit : Cait Bourgault
The Lion Head winter route is steep but rewarding.
Photo Credit : Cait Bourgault
Early-morning flurries in Carter Notch, seen from Wildcat Mountain.
Photo Credit : Cait Bourgault
After a quick skin up Iron Mountain Road in Jackson, this hiker was rewarded with a stunning sunset view of the Wildcat/Carter range.
Photo Credit : Cait Bourgault
Hikers push through 90 mph winds as they approach the summit of Mount Washington.
Photo Credit : Cait Bourgault
After a winter storm on the Tuckerman Ravine Trail in Pinkham Notch.
Photo Credit : Cait Bourgault
Morning fog over the Mount Washington Valley.
Photo Credit : Cait Bourgault
Celebrating a summer sunrise on Glen Boulder in Jackson.
Photo Credit : Cait Bourgault
High-fiving after a successful mountain run at Glen Boulder.
Photo Credit : Cait Bourgault
Last light on Mount Jefferson.
Photo Credit : Cait Bourgault
This post was first published in 2018 and has been updated. 

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