What Is This Hand Tool???

This unknown hand tool is about 9 3/8″ long.

The box when open is about 2 1/4″ square by 1 3/8″ deep, smooth on the inside.

When square box is closed flat it is about 5″ long.

Tapered handles are hollow & at the ends are about 7/8″ OD & 5/8 ID.

When handles are closed, outside is about 2 3/16″, between about 5/8″.

Made of cast iron with one marking, looks to be, “41 MAY 30”, but not sure, as the 1 looks to have been struck over the left leg of the M.

By Yankee Magazine

Feb 27 2011

What Is This Hand Tool??? (user submitted)
Photo Credit : Sam Sneed