Applying Sunscreen

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I am one of the fairest of them all — fairest skinned that it is. Well, maybe not the fairest, but if I miss one little itsy bitsy spot of exposed skin on a sunny day (or overcast day for that matter) when I am outside playing, I get a sunburn that fades to a tan and reminds me and anyone who notices the odd skin tones about my spot omission. Of course I always think that I have learned my lesson, then I get burned again. Here are some of my most memorable sunburns starting with the most recent:

  • Two red stripes down front of each arm

I concentrated so much on applying sunscreen to my shoulders I forgot about the easy to reach spots.

  • A white hand print on my neck surrounded by sunburn

At least my middle finger was not up.

  • A spot on my forehead that earned me the nickname Gorby or Gorbechev for a summer

Here is an example of said mark – http://www.mikhailgorbachev.org

  • A stripe down the back of my neck

I decided to wear my hair in a ponytail, after applying sunscreen. Therefore, I missed my neck completely, but my ponytail kept a nice three inch square down my neck protected.

  • A sunburn that started four inches above my ankle and continued to my toes

A classic wetsuit sunburn for a person who is a bad surfer and paddles around on her board all day rather than catching waves.

  • Scalp sunburn — multiple

It’s easy to forget to apply sunscreen to the scalp, but doing so leads to a great way to make a bad first impression, since the sunburn turns to a dry flaky scalp. Yes, I know this is gross.

And now, I will leave you with a few tips. Spray sunscreen is a great invention. Re-apply often. Don’t forget the hard to reach and (in my case) easy to reach spots.

Do you have any sunscreen tips?

Here are some of the obvious ones — Beautyeria.com, Ourfamilyfitnessblog.com

  • I feel your pain. I usually get the golfer’s tan (sometimes referred to as farmer’s tan) on my arms from short sleeves and the “v” on my chest (looks great in a sundress later!), as well as the 5-inch ring-around-the-calf burn from 3/4 length golf pants–again it is quite eye-catching in said sundress later. And like you I too have enjoyed the surfer burn-but on the bottom of my feet, from laying on board for too long sans big wave. Always a fun one.

    Terrific blog — thanks for the laughs!

  • I enjoyed your blog Heather as I too am a fair skinned lady. Take it from one who knows, protect your skin! I don’t care how thin you “think” look with a tan, it’s not worth it. I spent years sitting leisurely, baking in the sun on my black asphalt drive way (baby oil and all) as a youngin’ … boy do I regret it. At the age of 35 I have already been diagnosed with Basel cell skin cancer (spots-3), not good. Jergen’s offers a really nice and easy to use self-tanning lotion. You can pick it up at any drug store or your local Target or Wall Mart. Try it, you’ll see!


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