Six Degrees of Separation from Sugarbush Resort

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I have three degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon, which means everyone I know has four degrees, except for my friend Lydia who is the link for me and is two degrees away. The trivia game bearing Bacon’s name is based on the the phenomenom that claims everyone is six degrees from every other human on earth – or something like that.

Even though the game’s goal is to link Kevin Bacon to other movie stars, you can probably sense that I am proud to be separated from Kevin Bacon by three degrees. I am. On this subject of games and celebrity, I am really glad that I haven’t used any of my 15 minutes of fame yet. I want to save those minutes to make them count toward something special, like winning a Nobel Prize in ski blogging. I would probably spend at least ten of my 15 minutes stuttering so if I don’t use them ever, that is fine by me.

If you are wondering why I am writing about stars like Kevin Bacon and fame since my blog is supposed to be about skiing in New England, not celebrity gossip, it’s because The Today Show is broadcasting live from Sugarbush Resort today and I am so excited. First of all, I love Sugarbush. Second of all, I love The Today Show. I could go on with third of all and fourth of all, but I won’t.

This is not the first time Sugarbush has been in the limelight. In the ’60s it was known as Mascara Mountain because the rich and famous would jet set there. So if Sugarbush were a person, then he (I think Sugarbush would be a boy) would be hitting the ceiling on his 15 minutes – and deservedly so.

I hope you had the chance to tune in, but if not here are some fun clips to watch:

Obstacle Course – Look for my friends in the red Ski Vermont jackets who help with the snowshoes.

A great segment on the charms of Vermont with Matt L.

The hills are alive with maple syrup!


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  • Sugarbush is unquestionably top ten in the East and Vermont. I wish they had a gondola and a bit more diverse terrain for beginners. Borrowing a phrase from a sugarbush review posted on http://vertexpress.com “…If risk taking and adrenaline are must-have ingredients in your ?best day? formula, head toward Castlerock Peak.Once you get to the top, breathe in, breathe out, and hit the narrow twisting trails. A couple of runs?with never-ending moguls?on that peak will be a good physical test for your legs.” Indeed, as long as you can handle your skies, there is plenty of fun at Sugarbush.


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