New (Old) Resolutions for the Year

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There is no better time than a few days before the first of January to get my resolutions in order. I was planning to re-use my “continue to be awesome,” resolution from 2011 in case anyone inquired. But rather than glib and over-used responses, I’ll begin 2012 with some heartfelt resolutions.

1. Do More Snow Rituals

In New England, we’re desperate for snow. Up until this point, I know that I have not done my fair share of snow rituals, but starting on January 1, 2012 I will do my part by wearing my lucky snowflake socks as often as possible. (I will double my stash to eights pairs for 2012.) And, I will also wear my lucky snowflake sweater. It’s very pink and not flattering at all, but it has a big snowflake on the front, and it possesses the magical ability to satisfy the snow gods.

Contributing editor Christine Chitnis, assistant editor Deb Despres, and I pose for a photo. I don't usually carry an axe and yarn around with me -- these were props.re props from a photo shoot.

2. Stop Being the Biggest Dork Ever in Pictures (or at least come up with a name for this affliction)

This has nothing to do with my adventure blog, but it’s been on my mind as a resolution. At the same time, I don’t think I can stop. I’ve admitted I have a problem. And, I am also sure that I will not get through any further steps toward my recovery without a major intervention. (This could be my way of asking for help). So, instead I’ve done the hard work of labeling my affliction: dorky picture poser addict. I could start a support group, but all I can think about is how silly our class photo would be.

3. Embrace Where I Am Now

I’ve been afflicted by sometimes comparing myself to others. And not in a competitive sense where I feel that I need to win, or go faster, but instead I think to myself that I am slower than that person; or I don’t run as far as that person. Nowadays, there are so many races and challenging events to enter, so many sports to conquer, so much gear to buy that a girl who wants to be a little adventurous can get overwhelmed. But guess what? Instead of getting overwhelmed I am getting inspired to take competition out of the equation, and focus on the self-fulfillment aspect instead. The reason I want to be outside running, or skiing, or snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing is because I love it. I love the way I feel when my heart gets pumping and my muscles get stronger. I love the outdoors. That’s what matters.

4. Go Cross-Country Skiing During Lunch at Least 10 Times This Winter

You might think that sounds like a small number, or you may think that sounds like big number. But, sadly, over the past few years, I’ve only cross-country skied about two or three times a year during my work lunch break. It’s always spectacularly lovely, so I resolve to do it more.

5. Admit That These Are Not New Resolutions

Finally, I resolve to admit that none of the above is a new resolution.

Perhaps, I’ve never given myself a specific numeric expectation for lunch-time cross-country ski outings, but it is always my plan to go more.

Embracing where I am now is something I’ve been tackling for years, because it’s really good for me. (Just as good for me as eating my veggies which I will also continue to do in 2012.)

Being a dork in pictures is something that I am hardwired for. And, yes, right before the flash goes off I hear the normal side of my brain saying, “Don’t do it; don’t do it.” Then all I see are those little blue and yellow spots and I think, “I did it.”

And snow rituals. I’ve been doing them since my earliest memories of anything. But, this year, I feel a lot more pressure because we need so much snow.

In the end all of my New Year’s Resolutions are actually Old Year Resolutions–to do again in the new year. So, fine. I’ll add a healthy dose of peace, love, empathy, and happiness, and hope that it spreads to all those who need it.

PS: Absolutely none of the above is copyrighted material. If you’d like to use any of my resolutions as your own feel free to do so. I know a lot of snow lovers who will appreciate your efforts.

  • Just wanted to say that I love your dorky poses, in photo and everywhere else. They broke the mold when they made you my friend and we should all celebrate the dork inside each of us. Here’s to 2012.

  • I think it’s time we all started wearing snowflake socks and sweaters…excellent resolution and suggestion, Heather!


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