Pansies Still in Bloom

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The first snow appeared on Mt. Monadnock this morning, the dark profile arching white in the morning’s new light. Rain pelted the windows down here all night long with a thunderous, roaring wind that set one of the shutters loose. But no snow, not even temperatures below freezing. In the old iron kettle on the porch, the apricot and lemon-colored pansies are still blooming, though I would not say they are beautiful. Split wood from trees that fell in last year’s ice storm — almost a year ago now — is stacked high on the porch, enough, I hope for the winter, though I never know for sure. The forecast says there might be a big snowstorm by next weekend. Today, though, it’s supposed to be in the fifties. If the wind lets up, I’ll try to hang the Christmas lights. There aren’t too many days left to do that.

  • I too have pansies still smiling at me on the front porch. They seem to be the last flowers to say goodnight…sleep tight… prior to their long winters nap and the first ones to wake up and say hello in the new spring warmth.

  • Good for you! I ALMOST tried to hang lights today, but somehow I couldn’t get motivated (maybe slowed down by the remains of Thanksgiving still sloshing away inside of me?). Meanwhile, gather ye pansies while ye may……….


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