The Haunting of Yankee’s Parking Lot

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A month ago I posted an article about the odd attraction people have to our parking lot and speculated that some type of mystical force might be at work.  This week I present definitive proof that our parking lot is possessed.

I’ve already discussed how Dublin residents are inextricably drawn to our parking lot like moths to a flame.  What I failed to mention in my previous post was that you do not even need to live around here to be affected by its evil power; its spell has gone viral.

For many years the editorial staff of Yankee Magazine has been baffled by the popularity of our webcam.  It is consistently one of the most popular items on our website, and yet it shows next to nothing.  It’s simply a fixed image of our parking lot, with a little stretch of Rte. 101 in the background.

And yet people watch it.  We know that they watch it, because people caught in the spell of the webcam feel compelled to contact us.  They want to be closer to the parking lot and learn more about it.  They’ll come up with silly questions as a pretext for starting a conversation.  “Is the flagpole on your property?”  “What kind of tree is that?”  Next they’ll feel the need to celebrate the extremely modest action the webcam captures.  If someone is caught mowing the lawn or arrives at work at an odd hour, a devotee will send us a comment about it, almost as though they just wish to remind us that they are watching.  We’ve even had instances when an article of clothing is accidently left outside, and within an hour someone on the webcam spots it and asks us to go out and get it.  And God forbid the webcam should ever malfunction or go out of focus.  The devotees will contact us en masse, demanding the return of their idol.

The occasional visit from the oil truck is a source of much conversation.

If you need any more evidence of the parking lot’s power, consider also its ability to defend itself.  We have often discussed in editorial meetings the possibility of moving the webcam.  If so many people are attracted to it, why not move it to a more scenic location, like downtown Peterborough or Keene.  Surely the Main Street of some quaint New England village would be more appealing than our parking lot.  But somehow it never happens.  The plans always stall and slip away.  Is this laziness on our part, or is the parking lot forcing us to forget and thereby preserving its connection to the broader world?

I can understand if you are still skeptical.  I was as well for a very long time.  But I will provide one final piece of evidence that should end any argument: a picture of the face of evil itself!  One of our webcam followers noticed this image and sent it to us.  It was taken by our second webcam that points at the garden and, because the garden is not haunted, has a much smaller following.  Here you can clearly see the demonic presence that lurks between our bumpers.  Death walks amongst us!  Avert your eyes from the nefarious webcam before the parking lot notices you and comes for your soul!

Water droplet or the face of the deceiver? You decide.





  • I watch because I went to preschool right next door in the old town hall. I have family right down the road in Harrisville as well. And, after having not actually lived in the Monadnock region in many years, it’s nice to see a place so close to home.
    Thank you,

  • I have watched the web cam for a long time. I too love the parking lot in the winter with a lone car and wonder what they are doing in the building. I am also amazed at how everyone shows up for work in all kinds of weather.
    There is something soothing, calming about the site not evil for sure not evil.
    Please don’t move the web cam.
    Thank you,

  • LOL…I will have to tune in to see what all the fuss is about. This article gave me a good giggle…thanks for that! :)

  • Annmarie

    Hello All, My sister lives in Milford NH, I in Berkeley CA. The Milford oval cam doesn’t really show the weather and is mechanically unreliable. Yours is sooo reliable and, yes, peaceful. I can almost hear the quiet on a day when snow keeps people home. Seeing a lone car in the parking lot at 10PM covered in snow I wonder what the job can be. Thanks for letting me keep tabs on my sis no matter how removed. Our family is from Lowell so I also watch McDonough’s Funeral Home cam for my friends in NE Mass. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

  • I love watching the webcam all the way from Sydney, Australia. I have visited your beautiful area in the Fall and it was just gorgeous. I love watching especially after a snowstorm.

  • My son goes to school at Dublin School, just around the corner. I like the Yankee Publishing webcam to check the weather and remind me of happenings in Dublin, New Hampshire. Dublin School used to have a camera on their roof, but it was taken down durign renovations.

  • I’ve got to admit that I have perused the Yankee webcams on occasion and for some unfathomable reason have been drawn to the parking lot and the surrounding buildings. Most of the time I go on to see what’s happening during bad weather like today’s storms that blew through New England. But I’ ve also looked on holidays and one time was surprised to find that there were hundreds of people congregating for the fourth of July parade so I guess I’ve got to admit that I’m in the clutches of the parking lots evil presence. By the way, for anyone who has’nt tried it, Dublin’s town square looks pretty cool on both Google street view and Google Earth.

  • I find myself watching the cam in the winter especially after a snow. Probably because I live in South Mississippi where we get no snow. It’s well, it’s just a peaceful scene.

  • I watch because I like to witness the local weather in New Hampshire, and, one day I’ll walk through the doors of the Sagendorph building with a big smile and say thank you to everyone at Yankee Magazine. When I do that, I’ll know I’m hone.

    Thank you and regards to all

    Bob Stack


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