Mowing the Lawn | Time Saving Method

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Lawn MowerYou have a yard maintenance dilemma. You can’t find an efficient way for mowing the lawn, so you avoid the task which causes the lawn to grow out of control. Finishing off all the odd spots and missed patches adds an hour to a process you don’t enjoy to start with.

Do This Now
Begin by mowing the lawn in a concentric circular or oval pattern. It’s the fastest way to mow because there’s no turning or backing-you just keep pushing.

Do This for Good
The nooks and crannies of your lawn—where you have to push the mower forward and pull it back again and again—are the parts that really eat up your time. Eliminate these spots by rounding out the edges of your flowerbeds and foundation beds so that you when you’re mowing the lawn you can mow all of it using a circular or oval pattern. In the spring, devote 1 hour to replacing grass in awkward mowing spots with low-maintenance groundcovers such as pachysandra. It’s easy to do. Simply cover the grass with 8 to 10 layers of wet newspaper, making sure to overlap the edges. As you work, cover the newspaper with a layer of shredded bark to hide it and keep it from blowing away. Then dig holes down through the mulch and the paper and plant the groundcovers. One hour of planting can save you 15 minutes you would dedicate to one session of mowing the lawn, and that adds up to more than 5 hours of saved mowing time over the course of a year.


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