“Good Will Hunting” Trivia | New England By the Numbers

A collection of Good Will Hunting trivia to celebrate the movie’s 20th anniversary in 2017.

By Yankee Magazine

Feb 14 2017

Anniversary that Good Will Hunting marks this year (released 12/5/97)

Combined ages of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck when they sold their screenplay

Estimated number of pages in Damon’s one-act play, written at Harvard, that inspired the screenplay

Number of movie scenes taken verbatim from Damon’s play (the scene in which Will meets psychologist Sean Maguire)

Amount that Damon and Affleck each received for the script

Amount that Damon and Affleck paid the friend who came up with the movie’s title

Number of years between the script’s completion and the first day of shooting

Number of weeks spent filming Good Will Hunting

Number of Oscar wins (best supporting actor and best screenplay)

$10 million
Amount Good Will Hunting cost to make

$226 million
Amount it has grossed to date