7 Old-School New England Ice Cream Favorites

For generations of New Englanders, these seven ice cream flavors come sprinkled with nostalgia.

By Yankee Editors

Jun 28 2022


Old-School Favorites

Photo Credit : Photo by Michael D. Wilson | Styling by Chantal Lambeth, Anchor Artists
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Photo Credit : Photo by Michael D. Wilson | Styling by Chantal Lambeth, Anchor Artists

7 Old-School New England Ice Cream Favorites


While Trowbridge’s in Florence, Alabama, likely invented this flavor in 1918, orange-pineapple was one of Massachusetts-based Howard Johnson’s original 28 flavors, which may explain why it has long been so beloved here.

Maple Walnut

Quite possibly the most New England-y flavor of all, this perfect marriage of maple and toasted walnuts set against a creamy backdrop has been a regional favorite since at least the early 1900s.

Peppermint Stick

One of Brigham Ice Cream’s most popular flavors (and another of the original HoJo’s 28), this minty delight with crunchy bits of candy is even better when served with a drizzle of hot fudge.


Combine a vanilla base with America’s oldest cereal, and freeze. It’s a New England classic, though it’s said to have been invented in 1919 by one Hannah Young in Nova Scotia. Fun fact: It’s as beloved in Jamaica as it is here.

Frozen Pudding

Like a rum raisin gussied up with candied fruit, this Victorian-era flavor may be an acquired taste, but it makes us happy to still see frozen pudding on the occasional menu.

Black Raspberry

Another of Howard Johnson’s original 28 ice cream flavors, this deep-purple, sweet-tart concoction may have been inspired by the wild blackberries that grow in abundance across New England.


Fannie Farmer’s original 1896 cookbook has a recipe for this, and while coffee ice cream may not be unique to New England, no one loves it more than Rhode Island, home of coffee milk, coffee cabinets (milkshakes), and Awful-Awfuls (coffee ice milkshakes).

Special thanks to Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar of Massachusetts for letting us raid their lineup of classic ice creams for the scoops you see in this photo.