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April 2017 (plus)

Feature Spotlight

From the jagged shoreline of Maine to the verdant farmland of Vermont, these eight great New England jaunts give you the perfect excuse to plan the perfect summer road trip. Read More

It’s impossible to oversell the importance of maple season to New Englanders, and not just the farmers who make (or subsidize) a living from their acres of sugarbush. Even for the rest of us, those initial trickles of amber syrup represent the first meaningful sign of spring. The sight of a sugar shack billowing clouds […] Read More

Want to see Yankee ingenuity in action? Go behind the scenes on a factory tour. “Made in New England” pride thrives at factories that produce everything from frozen commodities to cuddly gifts guaranteed to melt hearts. As a piano or a naval destroyer takes shape before your eyes, you’ll realize anything built to last requires […] Read More