Newport Mansions | Experiencing the Gilded Age

Newport Mansions | Experiencing the Gilded Age

Visiting the lavish Newport Mansions (or "summer cottages") in Newport, Rhode Island offers an opulent peek into the "Gilded Age" of American history.
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Join the Celebration!

What does Ken Burns, country music, craft beer and fine food have in common? 60 years of cheer! Tap into all the fun with New Hampshire PBS.
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New England Lobster Rolls | The Best in Every State

Best Lobster Rolls in Maine

Where do you go to get the best lobster rolls in Maine? We break it down for you with a list of some of our favorite spots.
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Tasha Tudor

Remembering Legendary Children’s Book Illustrator Tasha Tudor

Seven years after her death, Tasha Tudor is still as enigmatic, fascinating, and entertaining as she was in life. The famed illustrator's family is determined to continue her legacy.
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Mr. Ellis’s Tomato Tart Recipe

Mr. Ellis’s Tomato Tart

This savory tart has a buttery crust, a righteous mayonnaise-buttermilk-Parmesan custard, and loads of tomatoes. It's best made in deep summer, when you can get the best, juiciest tomatoes of all colors and sizes.
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Guide to New England Drive-In Theaters

A small but beloved group of New England drive-in theaters offer nostalgic summer fun. From Maine to Rhode Island, here's where to find them!
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East Beach in Watch Hill | 5 Favorite Rhode Island Beaches

5 Favorite Rhode Island Beaches

From Block Island to Middletown, these five Rhode Island beaches have got it all — scenery, accessibility, sand, and surf.
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