Weekends with Yankee – Maine Spotlight

Choose Your Own Adventure in Maine

From paddling the scenic coastline to exploring the great outdoors in Rangeley to discovering winter thrills in Caribou, get a taste of three different sides of the Pine Tree State in this full episode dedicated to Maine. 

Adventure in Maine – Snowmobiling in Caribou

Maine is home to some of the best snowmobiling in the country, and at the center of the action is Aroostook County, where some 1,600 miles of trails crisscross the landscape. From the thrills of snowmobiling to the lively local culture that’s grown up around the sport, we go exploring amid this region’s wild beauty and warm welcome.

Adventure in Maine –Rangeley Lake

Outdoor heritage and adventure meet small-town charm in Rangeley, Maine. Watch an exclusive episode of Weekends of Yankee to discover all that Rangeley has to offer—and get inspired to start planning your getaway.

Adventure in the Wild – Maine Highlands

We take to the skies high above Maine’s iconic Moosehead Lake in Northwestern Maine
in search of the majestic creatures that inspired its name.

Adventure – Kennebec Valley + Midcoast and Islands

On this episode of Weekends with Yankee, cohost Richard Wiese experiences the thrill of the Kennebec River, New England’s top whitewater rafting destination.

Handmade in New England – Midcoast and Islands

At Swans Island Company in Northport, ME, sheeps’ wool is hand dyed and handwoven to create one-of-a-kind blankets and scarves.

Delicacies from New England – Maine Beaches

The series visits Wiggly Bridge Distillery a father and son team in York, ME, where small batch spirits are distilled in handmade copper stills.

Preserving New England – Maine Beaches + Greater Portland

Then, we head to Freeport, Maine, where cohost Richard Wiese gets a behind-the-scenes peek at what it takes to become a Registered Maine Guide, a program with a long and storied history. Following in the footsteps of the first-ever Registered Maine Guide, Cornelia “Fly Rod” Crosby, L.L. Bean guide Kristen Roos shares her outdoor savvy with Richard as she demonstrates everything from righting a capsized canoe to baking a pie in a campfire.

Winter Scenes – Midcoast

Weekends with Yankee visits the Camden Snow Bowl the home to the U. S. National Toboggan Championships. Each year 425 teams of racers gather to ride traditional wood toboggans down the world’s only 440-foot-long wooden toboggan chute, originally built in 1936.