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Display a Family Photo in a Bottle | Easy Craft

Putting an old family photo in a bottle creates an attractive and unique piece of décor. Follow these steps to make your own.

By Terry John Woods

Jan 06 2013

Photo in Bottles

Display photos in bottles ranging in size and color.

Photo Credit : Clineff, Kindra
A photo in a bottle or other glass container makes for a great alternative way to display a picture on a mantel, bedside table, or shelf. In particular, a vintage family photo in a bottle can be a great gift for relatives or friends. Glass jars and bottles come in varying sizes and colors, which makes this project an endless source of creativity.
Photo in a bottle
Display photos in bottles ranging in size and color.
Photo Credit : Clineff, Kindra
Use family shots, flower designs, prints of paintings — anything that’ll show off your own personal style.

Materials for Displaying a Photo in a Bottle

  • glass bottle or jar
  • glass cleaner
  • photocopy of a photograph or print
  • scissors
  • two wooden skewers

Instructions for Displaying a Photo in a Bottle

  1. Choose an attractive glass bottle or jar, whether new or antique (the larger the neck or the mouth the better). Clean it and dry it thoroughly. (Polident denture solution works great for getting old glassware clean.)
  2. Make a color or black-and-white photocopy of your picture on regular copier paper. The copy should be small enough (in length and width) to fit unrolled inside the glass container. Trim excess paper if necessary.
  3. Wrap the photocopy, blank side showing, around one of the wooden skewers and roll it into a tight cylinder.
  4. Slide the photocopy cylinder off the skewer and slip it, right side up, through the bottle’s neck (or the jar’s mouth).
  5. Insert both skewers down through the neck (or mouth).
  6. Working from the blank side (to avoid damaging the print), use the skewers to unroll the cylinder until it’s flat inside the bottle or jar. Pressing toward the front of the container from the back of the photocopy works best.
  7. Leave the top of your bottle or jar open if you like, or finish with a cork or clean metal cap.

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