Pistachio Swirl Strawberry Shortcakes | In Season

Put a fresh spin on a classic summer dessert with these Pistachio Swirl Strawberry Shortcakes.

By Amy Traverso

Apr 06 2020


Pistachio Shortcake

Pistachio Swirl Strawberry Shortcake
Photo Credit : Liz Neily

Among the great fruit pairings—cherries and chocolate, pears and walnuts, apples and cheddar—is the lesser-known marriage of strawberries and pistachios. Both are sweet, though to different degrees, and the richness of one balances the acidity of the other. To extend the nuptial metaphor, they complete each other, producing their own unique flavor: a heady fruity nuttiness that I can’t resist. 

The best thing about this combination is that it needs no ornament. All you do is make a simple dough (I use cornmeal for an additional sweet-nutty flavor) and layer it with finely chopped pistachios, sugar, and butter, then roll and slice the biscuits like cinnamon buns. The rest is exactly like a standard strawberry shortcake, only better.

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