Fabulous Fried Rice

By Yankee Magazine

Jan 10 2010

From Lynda Gopinath


1-2 cups of rice, cooked
eggs (3? 5? how many do you want?)
2 cups or so of frozen mixed vegetables (or carrots and peas, corn and green beans…)
1 can of Spam (or leftover ham or turkey or whatever…)
Soy Sauce
Seasoned salt
3 or so Green onions


Cook up the rice if you aren’t using leftover rice. Rinse the frozen vegetables under warm water, in a colander. Dice up the Spam into 1/2″ inch bits and set aside. Finely chop the green onions and set aside. Have all this ready on the counter, waiting…

Use a large deep pan (a wok pan, a large fry pan, or a 5 qt Dutch oven). You just don’t want it to spill all over the stove.

Scramble the eggs, adding salt and pepper; cook in some butter, letting them set up into a patty like an omelet so you can dice them (don’t fluff with a spatula like making scrambled eggs); then cube the eggs and set aside.

In the now-empty pan, saute the diced Spam until hot and a little bit brown around the edge.

Put a cube of butter in pan . Add the cooked rice and break up the rice, cooking over medium high heat. You may need to add more butter as the rice soaks it up.

While stirring the rice, start splashing in the soy sauce until rice is no longer white, but slightly tan. Take it easy – you can always add more.

Dump in the vegetables and stir it around until they are hot too. Then add the cooked egg bits and the Spam. Taste it, and add some seasoned salt if you want.

Take off the heat, sprinkle on the green onions (mix them in if you want), and serve. Keeps well, and even tastes better the next day.