Carrot Orange Soup

By Yankee Magazine

Feb 11 2008


4 servings


2 Tbs butter
2 Tbs safflower oil
2 cups yellow onions, finely diced
12 large carrots, (about 1.5 lbs) peeled and chopped
4 cups chicken stock
1 cup orange juice, freshly squeezed
Salt and pepper
Grated orange zest
fresh dill, minced


Combine butter, oil and onions in a soup pot and   cook until the onions are soft. Add carrots and chicken stock and bring to a slow boil. Reduce the  heat, cover and simmer for about 1/2 hour or until carrots are tender. Strain the soup reserving both the solids and the broth. Purée the solids in a food processor with 1 cup of the broth until smooth. Return the purée to the pot and add the orange juice and enough of the remaining stock until you get the desired soup-like consistency. Season to your taste and serve with a pinch of the  zest and dill on top.