Taylor Thomas & Bethany Bourgault

September 1935

Yankee Magazine Covers | 1930s

“It began in a hexagon shack with one man, one typewriter, a Franklin Stove, and a dream. In later years Robb Sagendorph would shrug and say, “The publisher still doesn’t know of any particular reason why Yankee was begun or is still around. To get any sort of editorial policy out of him would be […]

October 1949

Yankee Magazine Covers | 1940s

As America changed for World War II, so did Yankee Magazine. Rations and patriotism made paper hard to come by, so Yankee downsized from a 9×12 inch digest size (which fit the old presses well) to a new and iconic 6×9 size. Yankee stopped its monthly issues but published two annual four-page flyers to keep […]