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Dandelion Greens
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How to Cook Dandelion Greens | Yankee Kitchen

Melting snows predict the end of winter, but only the appearance of the first spring greens finally confirms it. Dandelion greens are among the first that Yankees swear by, come spring. If you want to cook dandelion greens, the lawn may be the last resort for harvesting. Hunt instead in the fallow garden or along […]

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How to Store Vegetables in a Root Cellar

From Yankee Magazine, October 1975 Cut off the tops of vegetables to within 1 inch of the crown. Rutabagas and turnips can be glazed with melted paraffin for longer keeping. Beets can be layered with dry fall leaves in baskets and buckets. Carrots can be bunched and stored in ventilated plastic bags or layered directly […]

drying herbs
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Drying Herbs

Many large-leaved herbs can be loosely bunched, their stems tied with a string, and hung head down in a darkened and well-ventilated room, such as an attic or shed, until it’s time to store them. This will take from three days to several weeks, depending on the particular herb. A steady temperature of 70 degrees […]