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Team for the Ages

“That’s a lousy shot, Lou.” “I know,” responds University of Connecticut All-American Katie Lou Samuelson. “It started with a lousy pass,” adds coach Geno Auriemma, who uses a saltier word for lousy. “C’mon, guys. You can move. You can’t be standing around waiting for passes.”Plan Your Perfect Summer Adventure: Get The Free Ultimate New England […]

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David Cicilline: Mayor of Providence

From Yankee Magazine March 2005 THWAP! David Cicilline, the mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, drives a gloved fist into his sparring partner’s gut. SMACK! WAP! BAP! A pair of red Everlasts flashes in the dim early-morning light. Twice a week, Cicilline begins his day in a boxing ring, channeling the pent-up frustration of governing this […]

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Eddie Perez: Mayor of Hartford

From Yankee Magazine June 2006 The trees and shrubs of Bushnell Park in Hartford, including a Chinese mahogany, are in full bloom in June. Green fields slope up to the gold-domed Connecticut capitol, a child’s fairy-tale confection of marble and granite. On a 1914 carousel, children straddle antique hand-painted horses, striving for the brass ring. […]

Swanton Quarry
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Swindle in Swanton, VT

The Marble Man came in the spring, when the rushing Missisquoi River tumbles gray and white past forgotten mills in Swanton, Vermont. He could have been just another regular at Pam’s Place, swapping stories over coffee with the locals — hunters and fishermen, dairy farmers, truck drivers, border-patrol officers, and commuters to St. Albans and […]