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Oysters | A Truly Miraculous Creature

Can oysters help New England’s coast survive climate change? One Billion Oysters The only place most of us ever see an oyster is on ice. It’s an expensive delicacy, a sensuous mouthful associated with the boudoir by way of the belly. If you live near the seacoast, your knowledge might extend to the names of […]

Yankee Magazine

Sheep Shearing on Big Nash Island | Jenny’s Day

Sheep shearing and counting the lambs on an isolated Maine island honors both legendary matriarch Jenny Cirone and a tradition of caring for the land and its four-legged inhabitants. [slideshow post_id=”556434″] “One ewe!” shouts Alfie Wakeman over the din of shrieking gulls and the baa-ing of nearly 200 sheep, as he cradles a lamb in […]