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The Meaning of Fall Foliage | Why Leaves Change Color

Ever wondered how autumn colored leaves get that way? Learn our expert insight into why leaves change color, then enjoy the show!


Jack R. Williams Toboggan Chute, Camden, ME

“It’ll be over in nine seconds,” says Stuart Young, operator at the toboggan chute. It’s a statement that brings little comfort as our toboggan is tipped from a horizontal loading position onto the near vertical starting pitch of a 400-foot wooden toboggan run. The rumble of the sled sounds like a freight train, yet above […]

LIttle Lyford Pond Camp
Yankee Magazine

Little Lyford Pond Camps | Rustic Retreat

It’s five hours from Boston, Massachusetts, to Greenville, Maine, the last town en route to our destination, and it’s still another hour beyond there — on broken paved roads and dirt logging trails — to Little Lyford Pond Camps. These narrow byways are rutted and full of potholes. On the better sections, you might try […]

Yankee Magazine

Weekend: Greenville, Maine

There’s not much to Greenville, Maine, and that’s the beauty of it. The outpost town (population 1,600) sits at the southernmost point of Moose-head Lake, which, at more than 30 miles long, is the second-largest lake entirely within one state east of the Mississippi River. The region is the least populated area in the East […]

NH Map
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New Hampshire: Mountains at Every Turn

The most dramatic way to enter the White Mountains region is to follow I-93 and Route 3 north through Franconia Notch, then head east along Route 302 to Route 16. The 75-mile winding drive is one of sweeping views, turnoffs to logging roads and hiking trails, babbling brooks, waterfalls, and covered bridges. Just north of […]

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True Reflections

“Let the wood speak for itself,” says designer and woodworker Gary Spykman of Keene, New Hampshire. And so it does in this 21-by-22-inch live-edge mirror ($600). The focal point is the right side of the mirror, edged by a stunning length of English burr oak that shows off the tree’s burls. 603-352-5656. spykman.com

Yankee Magazine

Fine Art That Floats

“Boats are designed to work best in the waters of the designer,” says boatbuilder Nick Schade. “The coastline from Long Island Sound all the way up the coast of Maine is wonderful paddling.” Our favorite for these waters is his 18-foot Night Heron kayak. It handles well in rough water such as wind chop and […]

Yankee Magazine

Let the Light Shine

How’s this for amazing? Peter Bloch of New London, New Hampshire, takes 200-pound chunks of local aspen wood and turns them into lampshades up to 20 inches in width that weigh less than a pound. “I actually think they are more durable than almost any other kind of lampshade, because they are hard and flexible,” […]

Yankee Magazine

Shipbuilder to Dream Builder

Former shipbuilder Brad Story is inspired by the birds of the salt marshes near his studio and home in Essex, Massachusetts. His Aerodreams wood sculptures, many of which are designed to be hung, have a wingspan of 4 to 7 feet. “Most pieces are figurative, representational, and/or realistic — in the sense that they resemble […]

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