Bonnie Thomas

Pussy Willows in Vases
How To

How to Color Pussy Willows | Easy Spring Craft Idea

In early spring fuzzy catkins, which resemble bunny tails, emerge on pussy willows. You can alter the color with a little bit of chalk dust.

Victorian Scrap Paper Ornament
How To

Holiday Crafts | Make Victorian Scrap Ornaments

Prelude festivities started this week in Kennebunkport, Maine and I was offered the opportunity to join other artists at Bandaloop’s Artisan Market for a craft show as part of the events.  Although I have plenty of items for general shows, I was lacking festive holiday wares.  I had some beautiful holiday themed paper on hand so I decided […]

How To

Halloween Crafts | Make Vintage Halloween Baskets

I have a few amazing teachers to thank this week and these Vintage Halloween Baskets will be a delightful way to share some appreciation. Materials needed to make Vintage Inspired Halloween Baskets: Peat pots (you can find these at a garden center or hardware store–“Jiffy peat pots” are one brand you can look for) Orange, […]

Wooden spoons designed with pyrography
How To

Engraved Wooden Spoons

Pyrography is the art of burning images and designs into wood. A pen with a metallic tip is heated and then used to “draw” onto a wood surface. Pyrography can be used to create wood plaques or wood blocks, engrave signs, or make freestyle designs on any wooden object. Decorating wooden spoons with pyrography is a relatively fun and easy project. […]

Woodland Dessert Stand
How To

Make a Woodland Dessert Stand

Dessert stands are a whimsical way to present desserts or appetizers for a special event. Birthdays, weddings, tea parties, or garden parties and other summer gatherings are perfect occasions for a festive table for foods and desserts. A Woodland Dessert Stand goes well with any of the forest themes that have become popular over the years – owls, hedgehogs, […]

Utensil Pockets ready to use
How To

Make Utensil Pockets

Utensil pockets are the equivalent of the packages you get at the deli or salad bar that contain a napkin and plastic utensils. You can make these pockets ahead of time and keep them on hand for those on-the-fly moments in summer when you are heading to a picnic at the park, having friends over […]

Vases made from salt and pepper shakers
How To

Salt and Pepper Vases

If you are looking for an inexpensive (and quick!) project for displaying or giving flowers, these repurposed salt and pepper shakers are a good fit. They can be made for wedding favors and table decor, to be given as hostess gifts or for someone’s special day, or simply for your own home use. Fill the vases […]

Sea glass bottles
How To

Make Sea Glass Bottles

Sea glass bottles — a lovely beach picnic craft — can be added to any beach themed home decor or used at an under-the-sea themed party, a bridal shower or beach themed wedding (the bottles would make beautiful favors). Materials Needed to Make Sea Glass Bottles Clear empty bottles—mine varied but I experimented with an […]

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