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Ghosts and Haunted Places in New England

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Do you believe in ghosts? Ghost hunters say two of the most active haunted places in New England are Houghton Mansion in North Adams, Massachusetts, and Carousel Gardens Restaurant in Seymour, Connecticut.

Haunted places in New england

Houghton Mansion

Lisa Sacco

Sample these scary stories from Ghost Hunters of New England by Alan Brown. Read on, if you dare…

Houghton Mansion
172 Church St.
North Adams, Massachusetts

Excerpt from interview with Josh Mantello, Berkshire Paranormal Group

“During an all-night investigation, several members of [Josh’s] group … heard a loud noise coming from another room down the hall. Two of the investigators walked down … One of them exclaimed, ‘I heard the sound coming from over here!’ and pointed to a corner of the room. At that same moment, the other investigator took his photograph. ‘He’s pointing to an orb in the photograph,’ Josh says. ‘It’s not transparent. It looks like it’s emanating its own light instead of reflecting [the] flash … I like to go there because I know I’ll find something every time. I’ll go there at 3 a.m., and I’ll hear voices.’ “

The Houghton Mansion, built in the 1890s for North Adams’ first mayor, is now a Masonic Temple, said to be haunted by the spirits of owner Albert C. Houghton and his daughter Mary, both of whom died following a tragic auto accident, and chauffeur John Widders, who committed suicide on the property.

Legend has it that witnesses have seen a young girl in the cellar. “She comes in and peeks around the corner at you,” Josh Mantello told Alan Brown. “If you walk toward her, she disappears.”

Haunted places in New England

Houghton Mansion’s library retains its original woodwork, hand-carved by Italian artisans.

Lisa Sacco

Carousel Gardens Restaurant
153 North St.
Seymour, Connecticut

Excerpt from interview with Donna Kent, Cosmic Society of Paranormal Investigation

“The paranormal has held a lifelong fascination for Donna Kent: ‘As a child, I would hear my name called … when I was home alone from school, and it would sound like my Dad’s voice … Many years ago, I went to Carousel Gardens with a radio station [disc jockey who] was a skeptic. He was mocking the ghost … As the night went on, [he] continued to provoke the spirit more and more. All at once, he said, “If there is a spirit here, I’d like to see something right now.” At that moment, a wine glass sitting on a table across the room shattered, and all the shards formed a perfect circle on the floor … [He] went from total skeptic to totally terrified in a matter of minutes.'”

Haunted places in New England

Carousel Gardens’ exterior. Constructed 1879-1894

Lisa Sacco

Helena Ruth Wooster, one of the owner’s five daughters, and her brother, Horace, are believed to haunt their old home. Ruth is said to have been in the habit of setting the table with porcelain dinner for her pets; after her death, witnesses reported seeing a gray-haired woman in the windows of her bedroom.

Other Haunted Places in New England:

  • love to see the articales on the past.i do belevie in ghosts and haunting of places.

  • The Carey Mansion in Newport, until recently a dormitory for Salve Regina University, was supposedly the site of a tragic hanging suicide by a nun, part of the order who ran an all-girls school prior to Salve’s leasing of the property. The room in which this took place became infamous for sighs, moans, chill currents of air, sightings of a ghostly nun and a general feeling of dread by the occupants. Numerous students, assigned to live in the room, requested reassignment elsewhere due to reported incidents of hauntings. The room was eventually closed off and remained unused for the duration of the university’s lease.

  • Until it was recently sold, Belcourt Castle in Newport, RI, would have been the leading contender for most haunted site in New England. The hauntings are associated with the vast collection of antiques acquired by the Tinney family, who purchased Belcourt in the 1950’s and only recently parted with the property. The castle was filled with relics of many past ages, many of them associated with apparently viloent deaths of their previous owners. A few of the more “interesting” items include:

    A Medieval English salt chair in the ballroom: holding your hand over the chair, you can possibly feel a strong tingling sensation and, the closer your hand gets to the seat, the colder your hand gets. A scoffer once sat down abruptly in the chair, disregarding warnings and was aparently violently thrown across the ballroom. (Full disclosure – I was invited to try the hand test and I honestly believe felt the tingling and the cold in spite of the warmth of the day)

    A suit of English armour in the ballroom: This suit of armour apparently didn’t protect a previous owner, as attested by the rent in the helm. The armour is known to irregularly produce blood-curdling screams, presumably from whomever the suit failed to protect.

    A mirror flanking the fireplace mantle in the parlour adjacent to the ballroom: Supposedly one of a pair of matching mirrors owned by Marie Antoinette. It is supposedly the last mirror she looked into prior to her imprisonment and execution by guillotine. Supposedly, no matter the circumstances, time of day or year, if you stand in front of this mirror, the mirror itself hangs pefectly still, yet the image reflected in the mirror sways slowly from side to side. (Full disclosure: I have seen this phenomenon occur twice. Once, I was invited to check everything around the mirror, which I did, and found no physical movement or anything to explain why the image continued to sway.)

    Just some grist for the haunted tales mill…

  • MaryBeth

    I grew up near a very cool cemetary in Naugatuck, CT it was called the “Guntown Cemetary” It was very old lots of headstones that dated back to the early 1800’s I never experienced anything weird there however It seemed like it had great potential!! My neighborhood friends and my sister would visit it quiet a few times in the year but always there was a special visit close to Halloween; but not too close we did not want to tempt fate!!

  • Take a look at The Herbert Hotel in Kingfield, ME– guests have reported feeling and seeing “something” in several of the rooms — images, different people, strange feelings that somebody is in the room.

  • There are several great books out on haunted places in New England…try Haunted Hikes of New Hampshire by Marianne O’Connor or Haunted Cemeteries and Haunted Pubs of New England both by Roxie Zwicker.

  • recently the Bangor ghost hunters association returned to this location in old town upon doing research we come across this article. To give a update the bar is still experiencing unexplained activity we are currently re-investigative this location.
    Harold Murray director Bangor ghost hunters association.

  • My daughter and I are going to stay at the Lizzie Borden house on Nov 1st. We are so excited and scared at the same time. I have always been interested in the paranormal and have bee wanting to do something like this for a long time.We are staying in the Andrew Borden room. There are alot of haunted places in New England. It is so much fun at this time of year I love Halloween. Wish us luck ……………

  • New England really is a most haunted place! Check out the Old mystic Inn,(Hawthorne Room) in Mystic,Conn. or the John Stone Inn in Ashland,Ma. Spider Gates cemetery in Leicester,Ma and dont forget Salem, Ma! Especially at Halloween time…what a great time!

  • these sound like intriguing places to visit as I have always been fascinated by the paranormal. My first choice of course would be the Lizzie Borden home.

  • Check out the former Gardner Cinema, once home to the Orpheum Theater, in Gardner, MA — part of Johnny Appleseed Country in North Central Mass. The ghost of a young girl whose visage has been seen in the theater’s window late at night. A female voice comes through the air vents. Lights flicker, movie posters fall off the wall, and a door near the refreshment stand opens & closes on its own.

    The “Ghost Hunters” TV show did an episode in 2007 on a grand Victorian home on West Broadway (Rte. 2A) in S. Gardner — the Pierce mansion built in 1875 by chair factory owner Sylvester Pierce. The website “Massachusetts’ Most Haunted Places” features the house and its 19-year-old female ghost from the late 19th century, a man who died in a 1963 fire, and a little boy. Footsteps, orbs and spirits in shadow await in the 26-room house. If you want to go, go quick. A non-profit organization said last summer it was interested in acquiring the mansion and turning it into a museum or cultural center.

  • Great story! There are so many wonderful haunted places around New England. Historical ghost stories, such as the Bridget Bishop one, are fascinating!

    I’d love to know where this haunted bar is in Old Town, Maine. I’ll definitely check out the Houghton Mansion and Connecticut’s Carousel Gardens Restaurant.

    I like websites such as HollowHill.com that list ghosts at places that everyone can visit. Around Halloween, those places are fun whether anything scary happens or not.


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