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Ashland, MA: John Stone Inn

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One of T.J.Tucker’s most interesting investigations was conducted at
the John Stone Inn in Ashland, Massachusetts. “It was just a friend of mine and I who went to the inn. There’s a legend that John Stone haunts it and that the guy that he killed haunts it, but there’s also a little girl who passed away there,” T.J. said. “We both experienced the spirit of the little girl.”

“She was basically wanting to play with us. She kept popping up everywhere we went. We were, like, ‘OK, we can’t play with you now.’ But she was persistent. She kept trying to joke with us and to get us to play with her.”

  • my friends from the dance company, EgoArt Inc. just put on a haunted tour there on Halloween. All of them say there is definitely “something” there – plus, I just looked at some of the pictures from that night on facebook and there are freaky lights appearing in all the photos…very wierd.


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