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Knowledge & Wisdom: How to Eat Beyond the Mac

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Photo/art by Erick Ingraham


Photo/art by Erick Ingraham


Photo/art by Erick Ingraham


Photo/art by Erick Ingraham


Photo/art by Erick Ingraham


Photo/art by Ian Aldrich

Ben Watson’s apple world is bigger than most–and he thinks everyone should have the chance to experience it. “We have these apples that are sweet and crisp, but they don’t taste like anything,” he says of common grocery-store types. Some 14,000-16,000 named varieties have originated in the U.S.–several hundred in New England alone. They’re diverse in flavor, in appearance, and in name. Autumn, in other words, can be as much about the Westfield Seek-No-Further, the Hubbardston Nonesuch, and the Esopus Spitzenberg as it is about the McIntosh, the Cortland, and the Red Delicious.


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