Loving New England Jigsaw Puzzles

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With all of today’s endless technological distractions, it’s easy to overlook some of life’s simpler, wireless pleasures.  Things like a good book, a fierce game of Scrabble, and a colorful jigsaw puzzle all have a spot on my list for wonderful ways to spend a lazy Sunday.

My fellow jigsaw-puzzle-lovers might know that Yankee has its very own jigsaw puzzle, made by New England’s own White Mountain Puzzles and for sale in the Yankee Store, showing past covers to commemorate Yankee’s 75th anniversary in 2010.

When I moved to Keene, NH last November to work here at Yankee, I took advantage of the “no internet or cable yet” aspect of moving to tackle the puzzle on the linoleum of my kitchen floor.  I found myself looking forward to working on each weekend with a cup of coffee and toast while I listened to public radio — though in the spirit of full disclosure, the radio was courtesy of my smart-phone, proving that you can’t completely ditch the 21st century.

Though I may be biased, I thought the Yankee puzzle was a lot of fun, because it had a lot of variety.  Doing a puzzle seems to be something people either love or hate, depending on their level of patience.  I think it’s marvelously relaxing to work on something piece by piece, knowing that if I just stick with it I will be rewarded.  Some people, on the other hand, break out into hives if forced to stare that long at something so slow to come together.  I understand their frustration, but since I am a puzzle-lover in search of simple pleasures, I decided I wanted to keep up my jigsaw momentum.

For this reason I was doubly delighted to find myself in Jackson, NH just one month later.  Jackson, arguably one of New England’s most charming villages, is also home to the White Mountain Puzzles headquarters!

For jigsaw puzzle fans, this is heavenly shopping.  Can you spot the Yankee puzzle?

Though tempted by many new additions to my small puzzle collection, I settled on two new 1,000-piece challenges.  One is a map of historic New England (naturally), and the other is a dizzying display of matchbook covers.

I love the crowded, colorful puzzles.  Doing 1,000 pieces without a lot of variety would test even my puzzle-patience.  Those of you that tackle  one large subject have my supreme admiration.

In the coming winter months I am looking forward to getting outside and enjoying the snowy, cold-weather New England fun — but I am equally looking forward to setting up a proper table, arranging the pieces by edges, then color, and slowly watching the scene come together.  Add hot coffee or hot soup and warm bread and I might never leave the house again.

Are you a jigsaw puzzle fan?  Have you tried the Yankee jigsaw puzzle?  If not, I suggest you give it a try!

  • I grew up doing puzzles and still love them. Unfortunately so do my two cats. I begin a puzzle and come home to find it mysteriously all apart again. Pieces end up missing, never to be seen again………sigh……….

  • My son and I assembled the Yankee’s own jigsaw puzzle in two days just after Christmas recently. Then I bought a ready-made black frame with glass and it’s now ready to hang. It’s beautiful and perfect in our New England home! We love it.

  • That matchbook puzzle looks tough! I enjoy a good puzzle and grew up doing them with my family.


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