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Colorful masking tape is all the rage right now in the craft world. It can be used for almost anything—prettying up packaging, decorating picture frames, even making unique greeting cards. I was recently gifted several rolls of jewel toned masking tape, and after scratching my head, wondering what to do with them, I decided to make colorful spring vases, using my collection of saved jars.

Closeup of Colorful Spring Vases

Spring vase.

With Providence in bloom. . .finding flowers for my new vases was easy. . .it just required a quick walk around the neighborhood park, clippers in hand! If the blossoms haven’t popped in your region of New England yet, try Shelley Wigglesworth’s instructions for forcing branches to bloom indoors.

Make Colorful Spring Vases Colored Masking Tape

Materials for making the vases.

Materials for Spring Vases:

  • Jars (rinsed and dried)
  • Masking tape

Instructions to Make a Spring Vase:

  1.  Stick colorful masking tape to clean jars, creating stripes and patterns. Experiment with laying one color over another, or doubling up on the same color for a bolder stripe.
  2. Fill your jars with water, and fresh blooms!

*Just be careful not to wet the outside of your jars when filling them with water, as masking tape is not water resistant.

Where to find colored masking tape:

Pretty Tape
Ginko Papers
Cute Tape

Colorful Spring Vases are Finished

A collection of colorful spring vases.


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