Halloween Recipes | Scare up Some Spooky Treats

Mini pizzas, sweet popcorn, and fudge take a turn for the spooky with these festive, fun and easy Halloween treats.

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Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat! Actually…let’s just call it even at you giving me something good to eat. Deal?

Halloween might have its origins in the ancient Celtic tradition of honoring the dead, but today’s Halloween is equal parts fun fright fest, and no-holds-barred sugar tsunami. My days of trick-or-treating are behind me, and with them the annual bulging pillowcase of fun-sized candy bars and other sweet treats, but that doesn’t mean I have to celebrate Halloween with a salad. On the contrary – it’s the perfect time to work up new Halloween recipes.

I can celebrate Halloween with one of my standard Saturday night suppers — hot, crispy, and cheesy English muffin pizzas next to a bowl of soup — turned into Mummy Muffin Pizzas by using tomato sauce, peeled strips of string cheese, and black olive eyes. The string cheese will keep it’s shape longer in the oven than fresh mozzarella, plus the extras make a great snack.

Popcorn balls at Halloween are as classic as candy apples, but if you’re craving a sweet popcorn treat with colorful candy extras and don’t have much time, it’s Monster Munch to the rescue. I made a batch by mixing a bag of store-bought kettle corn with festive autumn candies on a large baking sheet, then tossed the mixture with melted monster slime (also known as vibrant green candy melts) that seal everything together until it dries into a truly tasty popcorn and candy snack. I used candy corn and peanut butter candies in fall colors for just the right amount of chew and crunch.

My coworkers braved the sugar rush and labeled Monster Munch “totally addictive.”

Finally, since you can’t go wrong with a classic, whip up a batch of our Never-Fail Christmas Fudge and press a candy corn into the fudge before it’s set for an easy, festive treat.

Happy Halloween — we hope you enjoy these fun and easy Halloween treats!

  • Why do I never think of anything so cute or so easy? I am SO going to try the Mummy Muffin Pizza!! My sister always has a Halloween party and this is one thing I am definately bringing this year. Thanks for the idea!!!!!


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