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The Only Pot Roast Recipe You Need

Get the best-rated New England recipes from the editors of Yankee.

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The Best Lobster Roll in Maine Is…

New England lobster has an appetizing reputation of its own, but it’s no secret that Maine offers the freshest, sweetest lobsters you’ll ever taste, not just in New England but in the country. That’s why we sent our food editor and her family in an RV, up the Maine coast, to crown the best lobster roll in Maine. This delicious challenge involved eating two to five rolls per day, and the criteria were simple:

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The 10 Best Coastal Towns in New England

Something magical happens when you spend some time at the shore. The space where land and water meet compels us to imagine possibilities, to wax philosophical, and to make sure seagulls don’t steal our ice cream cone. The coastal towns of New England, where clam shacks and tidal pools mingle with yachts and upscale bistros, are some of the best places in the world to watch a sunrise over the ocean or enjoy a weekend of relaxation.


Easy and Delicious Cider Doughnut Muffin Recipe

Fall in New England might be famous for some of the most stunning views in the country, but it’s not just your eyes that get to feast. These recipes from the editors of Yankee, and from our readers, bring some of the most traditional and tasty New England foods right into your kitchen.

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The 5 Best Fall Foliage Train Tours in New England

They’re treasures in motion, these rail-riding relics—rattling and toot-tooting across New England landscapes as if a century or more has been rewound. Tourist trains now, they’re just the ticket if you want to leave the driving to an engineer while you train your eyes on spectacular fall foliage displays. In our guide to The Best 5 Fall Foliage Trains in New England, we share our five favorite rides.

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