The Best 5 New England Pie Shops

Need a knockout pie for your holiday table? These New England pie shops rank among the upper crust.

By Yankee Editors

Oct 20 2022


A sweet slice from Florence Pie Bar in Massachusetts.

Photo Credit : Courtesy of Florence Pie Bar

When made with love and fresh ingredients, a good pie is like a double-crusted, cream-filled, or streusel-topped bear hug—warm and cozy and hard to resist. All of these standout New England pie makers feature multiple mouthwatering flavors and convenient pickup ordering (or even shipping), so there’s no reason to miss out this holiday season.—Aimee Tucker and Katherine Keenan

Best 5 New England Pie Shops

Ceres Bakery  | Portsmouth, NH

When Ceres first opened in 1980, it was the only bakery in this coastal New Hampshire town. Today, even amid the city’s booming food scene, it retains its status as one of the region’s best spots to grab a sweet treat. Call ahead during the holidays, and take your pick of all the crowd-pleasing classics.

Florence Pie Bar | Florence, MA

Forget dive bars—hello, pie bars! Housed in a former general store, this cozy shop is a pie lover’s paradise. Whether it’s home-style apple crumb, lemon chess, or salted chocolate you’re after, it’s the perfect place to come in out of the cold, sidle up to the bar, and stay awhile. 

Michele’s Pies | Norwalk, CT

Michele Stuart’s pies are so good they’ve won two Yankee Food Awards and multiple blue ribbons at the National Pie Championship. Buttery, flaky crusts envelop a dizzying variety of fillings, from blueberry-blackberry crumb and country apple to chocolate pecan bourbon. Shipping through

Sweet Berry Farm | Middletown, RI

Pie is just one of the draws at this 100-acre farm, with its attached bakery/café/market—but it’s among the tastiest. Choose from multiple fruit pies and old-school favorites such as lemon meringue, coconut custard, and chocolate cream, then grab some of the farm’s homemade ice cream for the crowning touch. 

Two Fat Cats | Portland, ME

We’ve written odes to Two Fat Cats’ blueberry pie, and their holiday offerings are equally superb. From standbys like pumpkin to inventive flavors like “New England Bog” (blueberries and cranberries topped with orange zest and dark chocolate oat crumble), the Cats make a mean pie year-round. Shipping through