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10. Apple Cider

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apple cider

All photos/art by Rayne Beaudoin

Appleland Orchard
135 Smith Ave. (Rte. 116)
Greenville, RI

Since unpasteurized cider can legally be sold only at the orchard that presses it (a handful in New England still do this), it’s a 40-year-old tradition to trek to Appleland in the fall. The cider is an unbeatable blend of Macs, Empires, and Delicious apples, whose nectarlike taste will make you swoon.


  • My father and I each make several treks to B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill in Mystic, CT for their amazing cider every fall. It’s the oldest steam press in the country, churning out some beautiful crisp cider and sold along with cider donuts (worth the wait) and other goodies in their shop. Additionally, their hard cider is a perfect blend of fruity and potent, and available in a half-dozen or so varieties. My favorite is the Blackout, which is made with some raisins added to sweeten it a bit. The location is beautiful and just a few miles from the Mystic Seaport.


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