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Stars Over Harrisville

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By Heidi Stonehill
Senior Associate Editor, The Old Farmer’s Almanac

I love Harrisville, both for its natural beauty and for its small-town appeal, with quaint brick buildings: the church, the library, the old mill … As I drive home from shopping in Keene, I often take the back way on Chesham Road and then on through the center of town. I pass the peaceful Harrisville Pond on my left and then just as I reach the Harrisville General Store on my right, at the top of a tiny hill and curve, I have a great view of gentle mountains. I love that scene. How many get to enjoy such a view on their way home from errands?

I also enjoy the wildlife of the area. In Harrisville, there are bears, coyotes, deer, hawks, turkeys (lots of turkeys), bobcats, fisher cats, foxes, porcupines, raccoons, and all sorts of other animals. One time I was driving home and had to stop for a grouse that was crossing the road. Another driver coming the other way also stopped. We were both laughing as the bird took its time deciding on which side of the road it wanted to be.

But if you come to Harrisville at night, look up at the stars. Harrisville is far enough away from city lights that on a clear night, you can see thousands of stars overhead, with a detailed view of the Milky Way. The meteor showers are wonderful, too.


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