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VIDEO: Mount Washington in Winter

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Mt. Washington's signature look is rime ice, frozen fog particles that coat whatever they touch. Rime ice can grow to several feet thick.

Mt. Washington’s signature look is rime ice, frozen fog particles that coat whatever they touch. Rime ice can grow to several feet thick.

Joe Lentini

As a guide and rescuer on Mount Washington during the winter, Joe Lentini lives in a world few of us ever get to see. You’ll hear him talk to Yankee’s Justin Shatwell about working in the world’s worst weather. WATCH NOW!

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  • I’ve been to MT. Washington and the area more times than I can count. I’ve hiked up to the summit twice(in summer). And the Cog several times. But the day I will never forget was taking the guided trip up the auto road. The day before the Mt. was in deep fog. But my wife wanted to take the Cogg anyway.
    Well the day after we put on hold a small hike and went up the Auto road. Becuase it was the first time I saw the summit not encased in clouds. The view was breath taking and I will never Forget it. And to Joe keep up the good work! I can tell why You love and respect the Mountain. It is truly beautiful.

  • I have had the privilege to visit Mt. Washington over four times. It’s beauty is always changing, It brings a smile to my face and peace and joy to my heart. I will always treasure the sights in my mind. Hats off to Joe Lentini for sharing his love for the mountain.

  • My Mt. Washington in winter experience: About 15 years ago a friend and I were able to telemark ski up the auto road on a moderately warm, still day in February. The snow at the top was all blown off, but we got close to the summit before we turned around and skied back down the auto road. Because they drive the cat up and down the auto road to service the observatory, it was like skiing down a groomed ski trail. Total time from bottom to top to bottom was under three hours. I’m still amazed at how lucky we were with the weather that day.

  • patricia

    as a native of n.h. i surely miss see the beautiful landscape of n.h. here in florida it is not the same.

  • I’ve always wanted to visit Mt. Washington. There is more beauty in winter than most people realize. Kudos to Joe Lentini for sharing it!

  • I made it up about 4,500′ in January of 2008 alone. Winds were about 70MPH and gusting (according to the NWS) 100MPH. The incrediable sights of the mountain were unreal.
    Since I took so long getting up I knew I was the only person on the side of the mountain when I had to turn around and make it back down before darkness set it.

    I hope to try to make it to the top sometime in the future. Regardless, I well never forget
    the day I spent trying to make it to the top!

  • My Washington is a special mountain! Worked 4 years at the base of Mt.Washington, climbed it many times (in the warmer weather), rode The Cog – even ‘bracked’ it back down the mountain a few times…there is nothing as beautiful as that mountain! Wish every one could get to see it. I seem to wander back that way every year. Thank you for the great pictures and story!

  • william

    Loved the Joe Lentini story about Mt Washington. The photo’s were breath-taking and the heart of the man for what he does and why he does it really touched my soul. My father was a guide in the northern ADK Mts. for over 50 years and Joe’s passion for his calling reminded me of days spent with my dad in the mountians he so loved. I guess now it’s my time to finally go to Mt. Washington and see it for myself. Thank you for this insight into the life of an unusual man in a very unusual place ! Bill Emmons, Johnstown, NY

  • As a native NH brat,who comes home ea yr
    Mt Washington is one of my favorite places
    the beauty is unsurpassed..Winter or summer

  • My name is Rob Phillips, I summited Mt. Washington with Joe Lentini on Feb. 9 1986. It is the only winter climb of Washington I’ve done in the over 20 times I’ve climbed it. It is however, still the most memorable experience of my life.

    In 1986, Time Life books published a book called “A Day in the Life of America”. In the book is a picture of Joe next to the “Sign Post ” on the summit of Mt Washington. I ave a much treasured picture of me at the same “Sign Post” taken by Joe.

    Joe, if you read this, thanks for devoting your life to sharing the beauty of Winter on Mt. Washington “Like no Place else on Earth”

  • I’ve seen fog ontop of Mt. Washington so thick that when you walked out of the visitor center just three steps you disappeared! This area has striking beauty and the Cog Railway is a wonderful way to reach the top!


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