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Dublin: Countryhouse Corner

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By Lesley Ladebauche, a reader

Regarding your latest issue — several of us were shocked that you did not include the most wonderful, new place in the Monadnock region and think that they are very deserving of your publicity. I am not usually one to voice my disappointment, but the folks at Countryhouse Corner are very humble and kind people … and I know they must have been hurt to see that they were excluded from your region-specific article. I frequently go to this lovely shop and believe that many people from your very own magazine enjoy it just as often as I. I am only one of their countless patrons who loves their laid back, cute, clean, and tastefully decorated cafe with a great shop full of unique country gifts, many of which are crafted in New England. We just can’t understand how such a precious little gem could have possibly been overlooked. All we can figure is that you’re going to be doing an article on the place soon, so felt they would get the attention they deserve at that time … please tell me this is true!


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