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Travel Fitness tips

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Traveling can leave you feeling more tired at the end of your trip than when you left. But making time for fitness when you’re on the road can keep your energy up and make your trip more enjoyable.

Fitness Tips

Get Wet. Choose a hotel with a swimming pool. Swimming is a great, low-impact exercise for all fitness levels. You can even walk lengths of the pool — the water resistance gives your workout more oomph.

Hit the Gym. Make sure the hotel you’ll be staying at has some kind of fitness room. Check their Web site or call ahead to find out what equipment they offer and what the operating hours are. If they don’t have a fitness room, ask about nearby fitness centers. Some hotels have agreements that allow guests to use the centers during their stay.

Take a Walk. Put on tennis shoes and take a walk around the hotel facilities. You’ll burn calories and get familiar with your surroundings. Ask hotel staff about nearby walking trails or malls that open early for walkers. Also, try wearing a pedometer to keep track of your steps. It’s a great motivator to keep you moving.

In-Room Workout. Pack a resistance band or a workout DVD. They don’t take up much suitcase room and let you work up a sweat in the privacy of your own room. Check local stations for exercise programs or yoga workouts as well.

Schedule It. Plan your fitness time just like you would a business meeting or dinner date. If it’s on your calendar, you’ll be less likely to skip it.

Eating Smart

Another important part of keeping fit on the road is eating smart. It’s very easy to indulge in road-trip food and overdo it on tempting desserts. But too much of a good thing can sap your energy and raise your weight. Some simple things you can do:

Eat a better breakfast. When you hit the breakfast buffet, skip the pastries and fill up on lean protein, fresh fruits and whole grain toast or oatmeal. You’ll be more energized and less likely to snack on junk later. Many hotels offer free breakfast buffets with plenty of healthier options to choose from and most Radisson Hotels & Resorts in the U.S. offer Tasteful Choices lifestyle menu options.

Control portions. Most restaurants put more on a plate than one person should eat at a single sitting. Don’t feel obligated to clean your plate – consider splitting the entree with a friend.

Eat slowly. It takes about 20 minutes for the stomach’s message of “I’ve had enough” to reach the brain. Sip your water, eat slowly, and give your body time to figure out when to stop.

Keeping fit on the road doesn’t have to be hard. Staying active and eating smart will help you enjoy your time away and will help you hit the ground running when you get back home.

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