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  • To folks looking for moose: a Vermonter at a ski resort told us to look for skid marks on any rural road, park our car near dusk, and wait. Sure enough, a female moose cautiously came out to the road, looked both directions, then proceeded to graze in the ditch by the road. Whenever a car approached, she backed up into the brush until it was gone, then returned to grazing. I remember Yankee running a short article a number of years back about the man who struck a moose going to work, then returning home in a rented car only to strike another moose. So whenever we travel to New England, we watch for skid marks in hopes of avoiding a collision with these great creatures.

  • Deborah

    To whom it may concern, the story of the African Slaves in Portsmouth was awesome! I was born and raised in Portsmouth until the age of 13 yrs, then traveled back and forth for many yrs after. I now live in Madison, NH and am doing genealogy every chance I get. We have racial mixture in our family and know there may be some connection to the slave stories.
    thank you very much for this wonderful story and keep up the good work!
    Deborah Britt-Hill, Madison, NH


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