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Hot Dogs: New England’s Best

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I’ve been eating a lot of hot dogs lately. And when I talk about eating hot dogs, people e-mail and tell me about their favorites. Right now, Flo’s Hot Dogs in southern Maine, on Route 1 in Kittery, and Fred’s Franks in Wakefield, Massachusetts (exit 40 off Route 128 at the roundabout), are topping my list, but I’ve heard good things about Windy City Eats in Weymouth, Massachusetts , and Simone’s in Lewiston, Maine (207-782-8431).

Next week my friends Gus and Mimi are taking me to Scup’s Dogs in Boston, run by the folks who created the original Emma’s Pizza in Cambridge. I may as well just squirt mustard down my spine and call it a day — I’m turning into a dog myself.

My friend Katie, who’s from Chicago, says there’s nothing like a Chicago dog, which Windy City Eats sells, but I have yet to have a frank in the Windy City. (I’ve had Monty Python “Cheese Shop” experiences every time I’ve tried to get a hot dog in Chicago.) Then, of course, there’s Red’s Eats in Wiscasset, Maine (207-882-6128), which is known for lobster rolls, but I think their hot doggers are crazy good — “Sturdlies” with cheese. Sadly, Al Gagnon, Red’s owner, passed away this June — I hope he’s in hot-dog heaven.

I’d love to find out your favorite hot-dog spots in New England, or other favorite New England eating experiences. Let me know at anniec@yankeepub.com

  • Don’t forget Nick’s Coney Island Dogs in Fall River, MA. Their chili sauce is the best!

  • Don’t forget Danny’s on the Green in Brunswick, Maine. And, if you prefer your dogs fried rather than steamed, Wasson’s, with two locations in Rockland, Maine, is well worth a try.

  • Lawton’s Famous Frankfurts in Lawrence, MA deep fries the hot dog to perfection. This little hole in the wall stand (with no tables) sits on top of one of the canals in downtown Lawrence and is also known as “La’Tons By The Sea” to locals. Some of us have tricked visitors to dress up for dinner by telling them that we are going out to “La’Tons ! Strangely, it even has a working fire hydrant in the middle of the order taking area. A true long time classic in The Merrimack Valleyat 606 Canal Street !

  • Hot Dog Annie’s in Leicester, Massachusetts is an icon. Go on Wednesdays for the special-3 dogs, an old-fashioned rootbeer in a brown bottle and chips-delicious!

  • Cathline

    Casey’s Hot Dogs in Natick, Mass bring the charm of the little diner as well as the best Hot Dogs served “All around with celery salt”. We make a special effort to have at least one lunch at Casey’s every year when we make the trip from Indiana to our beloved New England.

  • priscilla

    OOOO! Coney Island in Worcester, MA has THE BEST hot dogs ever. Hot diggity.


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