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Budget Dining Tips While Traveling

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Yankee‘s food editor Annie B. Copps has these 10 tips for travelers:

1. Bring a cooler with you and pack snacks and beverages.

2. Eat your big meal at lunch.

3. Eat seasonal foods.

4. Ask the locals (or cab drivers) for recommendations and avoid the tourist traps.

5. Get the local paper and look for:

a. food festivals (example: a chowder fest)
b. pancake breakfast fundraisers

c. coupons
d. early bird specials
e. senior and “under 5” discounts

6. Eat at the grocery store (soup and salad bars).

7. Avoid the mini bar (bring your own).

8. Happy hour — They’re not just for cocktails, there is always food, too (tip well).

9. Appetizers — order 2 appetizers and a salad rather than an appetizer and entree.

10. Drink filtered water rather than bottled at restaurants.

See Annie discuss these budget tips on NECN’s Cut Your Cost Campaign.

Budget dining at home: Recipes Under $10

  • If you stay at hotels that include breakfast, it would be too much to eat lunch as the big meal of the day.

  • We try to avoid eating out 3 times a day. Instead, we eat breakfast and some dinners in our room (we usually get a room with a kitchenette). Bring your own snacks too or shop at grocery store for them. Make a point of eating at least one meal in per day, preferably two.

  • Look for hotels that offer a complimentary breakfast. We did this on a recent cross country trip and it really helped our budget. We also did some picnicking and had a cooler full of drinks and snacks.

  • Another good way to get a tip from a local is to “gas up” on your way in town, and ask there.

  • I like to eat a good breakfast around 10 and then lunch/dinner around 3. Two meals a day satisfy us quite nicely.

  • We also travel with plastic knives and forks. Depending on what we eat, we cut it up to go and have it next day. Most places have refridgerators to keep it cold. if not use you ice chest.

  • We often will order one appetizer (or salad ) for me and my husband will order a main course and we share each. We have found that as we age we eat less food and this really is exactly enough for us both.

  • Patricia

    I agree 2 appetizers would cost more than a meal. I’d rather order the meal and take some home for the next day.

  • Helen

    Excellent advice. I really like the advice – appetisers and salad – it might result in weight loss as well economics!

  • Susan

    I often get appetizers and a salad rather than a meal, and if often costs more, particularly in places where a salad is included in the meal proce.

  • Wayne

    Article Bread Up- Lobster Down…no date on the article when was this printed?


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